Our Vision

World Comm ensures the distribution of a large range of handheld mobile
devices, mobile accessories, and related products, in a very short time
anywhere in Romania. 

Our innovative approach meets the needs of both manufacturer and retailer,
resulting in a more efficient, more profitable, and 
sustainable business process.
We see our success as a reward for our passion and belief in 
efficiency, fair-play,
innovation, and 
continuous improvement

The World Comm Advantage

Replenishing your stock just became easier.

  • pay less for the products you carry: with us you can restock as you go,
    by purchasing only what you need today.
  • our 24 hour delivery guarantee insures your store never runs out of merchandise.

Always wanted to diversify the range of products you sell?

  • our multi-brand offer adds value to your retail company
    by increasing the variety of phones you can offer to your customers