Our Stocking Process

  • We are experienced with the complexities of international manufacturing orders
  • We contact each manufacturer individually to get a diverse product range at competitive prices
  • We cover each manufacturer’s entire product range; we order in bulk to pass on the savings to our client.
  • The products from the manufacturer are transported to our warehouses so they are ready to go when your business needs them

The World Comm Advantage

  • You can order online, 24/7
  • Your order is guaranteed to reach its destination — anywhere in Romania — in a maximum of 24 hours
  • You can order exactly the quantity you need
  • You only need one partner
  • WorldComm permanently carries a wide range of products from international mobile technology manufacturers
  • You can mix and match from a diverse range of products
  • You can help protect yourself from fluctuating prices by ordering exactly what you need and getting it when you need it.